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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Behind Enemy Lines aka...

How many times did I fly that traject between Holland and Asia, probably over a dozen, I can't count for..
I had a good relation with my father and I frequently returned to 'the nest' to visit the old man, he loved to hear all those unbelievable stories and couldn't wait to see the next film in the theatre. Most of the times I managed to stay for a month or so, I preferred the spring or summer-times, I hated the cold (still do !!) So I told Sr. I had to get going again and find me another movie.

-- =--
And I found a nice one.

My favourite casting office for sure was Central Casting, I was treated well overthere and they got me into a lot of nice international pictures I tell you.
The Metcalfe's had their own miss Moneypenny, a secretary ( sorry dear I forgot your name, guys help me ) with a marvelous memory and thanks to her info, ( I always called her) I was up-dated to when a next major casting was planned and often she patched me thru to Ken who always found a minute or so to talk to me.
So one morning she told me there was a need of military input and if I could come over to the office to talk to Maria and Ken. Hé, I was on my way already !!
"Can you do a medic," that's what Maria wanted to know. "Hé, is the Pope catholic?", was my rhetoric. "Who's ill ?" The contract was there, it only needed my signature. It was an action movie again, I didn't mind cos I loved the adrenaline during the takes. This time I had the opportunity to meet with David Carradine himself. This guy had become a legend during the 70's doing the lead part in a tv-serie: 'Kung Fu'. Bruce Lee was to busy to accept the rol of Kwai Chang Caine. Second choise David hasitated cos he wasn't a martial arts master, no, he was a ballet dancer with a great agility and balance. He had to deepen into eastern philosophy to learn how the monks behave and move. Later a became a virtuoso coming to the writing of 'The Spirit of the Shaolin', but the name Grasshopper was always linked to him for the rest of his life. Now David was on his way to be part of 'Behind Enemy Lines'
There were lots of helicopters and I was on board of one of them. We had to fly-in off and on to rescue the wounded. But it was a field of action, we were shot at by the enemy, explosions bursted all around us. Smoke, fire and a lot of noise. That was the scene. During the rehearsels several things didn't work out the way they should. And when we finally were in 'action', it still was far from perfect. The skis of the heli were about a foot from the ground when we jumped down, carrying out stretchers. But our landing place was almost on top of a blast, when this thing exploded the pilot told us to get back on board cos it was to dangerous for him to be there. Imagine all the smoke fxs and other aircrafts fying around us, the visibility was close to zero. From up there, doors wide open, it was a marvelous view, man that was a real war scene. Soldiers all over the place camouflaged by curtains of smoke, flying stuntmen, fire and a LOT of noise. Sometimes pieces of debris came as high as our chopter. The heli swisted and turned, often close to a 90 degree angle. Hé, did I get my adrenaline !!! This was really 'Pow the Escape'.This wasn't the only incident. I think it was the next day when our leading actor nearly escaped a decapitation. It was the talk of the day. David's piece of action wasn't too difficult, he was to get off the heli and run towards the camera. There were at least 4 chopters involved and they were suppose to land in a specific sequence. During the rehearsels (good visibility) there were no problems at all, but when 'action' was announced things were fucked up. From all the heli's David's was the first to land. But the pilot in chop #2 miscalculated and landed in front of the 'leading' one. What's the big deal you'ld say? Well, David didn't see nor hear the obstuction in front of him and was walking directly towards to tail-rotor. He was looking down, protecting his face against the strong winds caused by all 4 of the helicopters. It was damn fucking close when he finally noticed somebody screaming and gesticulating to him. At lunch break David come down to our area and started to chat. He didn't seem to have any raised blood pressure at that time but I wouldn't be surprised if he had some 'brakes marks' in his shorts.. He was a very nice person to talk with, friendly and serene. I think it was an honnor to meet and shake hands with such a celebrity. David, rest in peace.
The film never made it to the top and was released as:
'Attackforce Nam' and 'POW the Escape'

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