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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Postzegel Corvey

 In 2016 is ter ere van het Werelderfgoed-schap van de Abdij Corvey/Corvus een postzegel uitgegeven van 70 eurocent.

  De Corvey-postzegel werd ontworpen door Daniela Haufe en Detlef Fiedler uit Berlijn. De postzegel heeft een frankeerwaarde van 70 cent en is 44,2 bij 26,2 millimeter. De uitgave werd in velletjes van tien exemplaren in offset gedrukt door de Bundesdruckerei in Berlijn. De zegel verscheen op 1 maart 2016.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Americans lost the war in Syria..!!!!

 At the brink of the new year 2017, history is at the edge of a new era.

  Europe is divided, Great Britain already left the sinking ship by their announcement to leave the EU.. America is divided as well after the most controversial elections ever, and the Middle East is divided because of all western influence and bellicosity in the area by ISIS, said to be a American/Turkey alliance. The ethnic cleanings, already called genocide, of Kurdish Turks and the elimination of adherents and followers of the Gülen opposition by the current regime, supported by western trained 'rebels', caused an unprecedented exodus of refugees to Europe. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were a victim of the many false flag operations executed by a western organization, calling themselves IS, facilitated with American weapons and ammunition, while blaming it on the Russians to be the aggressor.. 

  Well, this has come to an end now. ISIS is no longer. America lost this war, but the consequences of this defeat will cause a global change. The many False Flags, lies and atrocities do harm the American credibility as a liberator and a free country. 

.. revealing the American lies and atrocities. Biggest US (IS) defeat since NAM..!!  By Gordon Duff!  (US  marine veteran) and:

Syrian White Helmets a ‘terrorist support group & Western propaganda tool’ 

  ...'The propaganda from the rebel-held eastern Aleppo is produced by a number of organizations and individuals who are sponsored by the West, with the White Helmets being the largest among them, Beeley told RT. But the White Helmets are not the heroes that the mainstream media is trying to make of them.'...

 ...“This organization is a fraudulent shadow-state construct created by NATO to simply propagate the propaganda that will demonize Assad’s government and also demonize Russian legal intervention in Syria,” said the journalist, who recently returned from Syria.'....

 Erdogan wants his men back, the other half of ISIS..: