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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ear acupuncture/pressure points

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...the ear looks like a foetus and suddenly all those points make sense...

The whole body is reflected on/in the ear-shell and regarding to these acu-points one should be careful where to pinch a piercing. Such piercings could affect the corresponding area shown above and trigger the body to act in the reflexed zônes.

On the other hand, when organs or joints have a malfunction, a firm pressing with a fingernail might give a relieve and release you from a lot of sorrow.
Sometimes a combination of pressure points have to be stimulated, see list below.
The points you need to press most likely feel a little painful so they're easy to track. A little bite on the right spot from your lover might cure you as well .. :D)


Close ups with hard to find points.

This list shows you the diseases with corresponding pressure/puncture points on the Ears. 
(The nrs. 10,16,32,54,88,89,90,100,106,107,115,128,129 en 130 are not shown on this map.)

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