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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good news, bad news...The power of words, thoughts...and touch.

By Bert E. Spoor de Rave
 ~ ~ ~
Many of my friends experienced the touch of my healing hands when they were in pain. It's not just that I have the gift to cure, I also feel and experience what's going on inside the body of my patients. When I was younger I needed to concentrate to get  'access' to the info everybody is radiating, nowadays in my older years after more than 30 years of practicing, a look is enough to 'feel' what's going on. Sometimes it scares me what I feel just by watching others..and there hasn't been said a word yet...

Most of us have  noticed, in our youth already, that words can hurt, even more than a fist. How often do kids come home crying, 'cos one of their friends did say something nasty...???? You remember that from your childhood..? Yes, words can hurt like a cutting knife, maybe even MORE than this cutting knife.... Words have a load, a meaning, and as soon as you are able to understand a word, you will be able to feel its influence, its power. Words create emotions.... I'm  going to give you some examples of words that create feelings.

Just imagine someone's telling you:  "Y're mother is a....."
You know what I mean..?  ...depends on the word  that follows.

When it says: 'whore', your adrenaline will explode and y'll go after that person ( my guess..), your  heartbeat and blood pressure are UP....!!!!

Now what when it reads: "Your mother is an  'angel'..?   This triggers a smile on your face and creates  'happy hormons' all over the body.....

  Bad news will make you feel sad while good news will make you feel better. This can very well be manipulated by the media as well...!!!!
.A curse or a prayer have influence,...whether you believe in it or not. As a healer I'm more interested in the healing capacity of words, different as in a prayer though.

 Let's see what happened when a patient was given the wrong diagnoses.  The medical records of 2 patients were accidentally switched, One of them got the message he had an ulcer and was advised to follow a special diet ( with some other health tips), the other person got the bad news and heard he had cancer....and was sceduled to be radiated.

The 1st person felt relieved after this good news 'cos he'd expected worse.....!!!! He followed the diet, returned to his sportclub (veterans) and felt much healthier within a month. 

The other person lost the battle at the moment he heard 'cancer', 'cos he'd expected something else.... within a month he had lost half of his weight and felt very ill....I don't know what kind of medication he used, but not the ones to 'fight' his 'cancer' for sure. By the time the man  returned to get his first radiations he hardly could walk anymore and was 'wheel chaired'.  The new x-ray showed the mistake, but it was too late, the patient died not much later.....

The 'ulcer' man was notified to come and get new x-rays....The tumor that showed  had shrank to half the size it had a month earlier....!!

 We know Placebo's (harmless pill without medicine) are very able to fool people. Some people even create 'side effect feelings' after eating these fake medication.  It's called the 'Nocebo effect', that's when a person creates  harmful and unpleasant side effects after a placebo treatment. These effects are only due to a person’s negative belief or expectation that the treatment can produce these side effects...

 Another case occurred in the late 1970's when doctors incorrectly diagnosed a man with liver cancer and told him he had just a few months to live. The man died within a few months as the doctors said he would. Upon doing his autopsy though, they found the doctors had been wrong and he did not have liver cancer.

Other than being dead, the man was in perfect health.  
 ..Yeah words can KILL..!!
You better watch what y're saying..
Most of my friends, by now, know I'm a martial artist for 50 years already, I learned how to concentrate my powers to one point to give it all the energy it needed. That's the way to make an Ippon or to break a leg...A well trained  martial artist is able to put his 'Chi' ( his mental energy) to the place where he wants it. The impact of such an energy can be beyond imagination.  Break tests are a nice example of what can be done....but that's just one side. The power of your own mind/spirit is stronger than you might think ( besides religion), I learned to focus my energy and to send it any direction I wanted, it started with Mesmerism/magnetism that came from my hands. Imagine, I didn't need to massage, not even touch... (You can read more about that on my blog: Healing Hands, see link.)  I learned more about my hands' energy when I noticed other people, in the neighborhood of the patient I treated, could feel it as well..!  Then I found out I could do the same through the phone...freaking feeling tell you, talked to the people and sent them my energy, even wireless. Na...

Sometimes during my film career I had the feeling my work as a healer was more appreciated than my acting capacities, hehehehe. I was very lucky Ken and Maria Metcalfe (movie casting office) were a fan of my healing hands and always got me a part of the scene...

Now I tell you, it takes a lot of energy to achieve these healing capacities, sometimes it emptied my battery to the limit and blacked me out, fainted me completely. That's no problem when y're in a good shape and healthy (and young). Through the years I learned more about acupuncture and food....

 I respect everybody who believes in a religion and do prayers, especially when it's meant to help others. But you're asking someone else to do the job for you. A prayer isn't enough...it's a start, but there should be more from yourself in it. Don't leave the job to God , Jesus, Allah, Mohammed, Jaweh or others. Do something yourself, use your OWN energy to help others, use your 'Chi/Ki' to send power, Your power. If we all do, it makes a difference...! Please use your 'battery' to send positive energy to where you want it to go. It's not going by itself, you need to work on it, concentrate your thoughts, visualize a situation and send your personal mental powers...

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