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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Your own gym at home, easy to realize.

The best way to burn calories is to work-out. Not only to burn calories, but you're building and shaping your body at the same time. Your heart will get an exercise and your lungs will do double time, your muscles grow. And last but not least:  you will feel fit and healthy.

When you have serious back, neck or joint problems you should go for basic stretching and bending first, to repair your intervertebral discs.!!!
 Pls. read:  The importance of exercise 

This is my Total Gym 1000.
I use it for many years already, it's really a multi-functional device.
Torture-table on the background.

The spring I use is from an old Aprilla motorbike ( shock-absorber), so are the bars. Have it welded together and you get yourself a nice piece to bend. When you buy one in the store, be sure it's a thick spring, you're gonna need it....

The exercise is to bend the spring,:
1. Hold your hands in front of you and bend.
2. Do the same with straight arms.
3. Hold your hands up (like a hold-up) and bend the spring above your head.
4. Same as 3, but try to get your elbows and fists together
5. Hold the spring behind your back and bend

 ..This one is made in just minutes:

 This is a 5 ltr jerry can and a piece a rope (1mtr) and a round stick.

1. Put 2 ltr of water (or less when it's your first time) in the can, arms straight forward and wind up the rope, back 'nd forth. At least 3 times, but try more...(don't hold breath)

2. Hold the container with both hands in front of you and shake it, 4 times/sec or faster,
a. from left to right ( try with, [almost] , straight arms)
b. shake it up 'n down vertically, ( try with, [almost], straight arms )
c. shake it horizontally towards you,
After a few weeks/months you can add water to the can...

The next exercise needs 2 jerrycans or 2 bottles, (half filled with water, it's the moving water that creates the 'G-powers' ).More effective than iron weights.!

1. Spread your arm sideways and pretend y're a small bird making rapid wing moves, vertically and horizontally.
Do NOT hold your breath during the shaking...!!!


The stepping machines, that'll burn some fat..works great and you don't have to leave the house....
A 10 minutes brisk walk will give a satisfying result and gives you a cardio-vasculair training.

  Play your favorite music, find a beat that fits your routine. Singing out loud ( while training !) is a very pleasant extra, but it's a damn breathing exercise as well, be sure not to get filmed and exposed on YouTube...;-)

..always keep your air pipe open, don't put any pressure on your throat, your abdomen should do the job !!!

.Workout a TotalGym

The Total gym is adjustable to your wishes, I prefer the highest and heaviest position. Sometimes I even put the gym on a chair to make it heavier..

But when you are starter, or you've been sick for a while, go for a lower inclination. Check your pulse after every exercise.

Just look at those exercises and you'll see it's good, it really works. You are working with your own weight. The slope of the 'seat ' stipulates the resistance you create.

Chuck Norris is the big promoter for this Gym, but this guy is giving such an enthusiastic and easy to understand work-out. Watch this: 

And push-ups of course.....

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