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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grape seed extract kills cancer cells...

Nature's Way Grape Seed Ext Standardzd - 30 countAn extract from grape seeds can kill cancer cells. This is the result of a research done at the University of Kentucky.
“Within 24 hours 76 percent of the leukemia cells had died, while the healthy cells were not effected at all”, reports the scientific magazine Clinical Cancer Research.
It has been known for a longer time that antioxidants in grape seeds fight cancer, but this is the first time that their effects on leukemia were measured.
The researchers saw the the grape seed extract activated a protein that regulates apoptosis. Apoptosis or the programmed death of cells is a natural way to kill damaged or dangerous cells.
This study can possibly lead to new ways of treating cancer, but scientists say that it is still too early to recommend eating grapes as a way of preventing cancer.
“Although it is very interresting, there is still a long way to go before this can be used as a cancer treatment, says cancer specialist Kat Arney.

Better don't chew the seeds from your grapes, they're bitter and it irritates you're gums..


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