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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The importance of fitness exercises..

When we grow older many of us will spend less time in the gym or sportschool. Work, family or hobbies (social Media) take that place and our condition goes downhill.... It's not only less muscles but also less breath, and all kind of little (or big) pains and discomfort show up all over the body. Very often a medication is given to 'cure' the  diseases.... and side effects show up by the dozens so you'll need more medicines. Yep, you've  entered the vicious circle of the 'unhealth'...often going with a bad diet.

Now what are the benefits of a regular workout/fitness..?  
Medicine will NOT create new spinal discs, exercise does...!! The new grown texture will free your pinched nerves and the pain will wane... 

Important is your changing metabolism while sporting, the body produces all kinds of Hormones, Enzymes, AMPK's and other stuff that you lack when you don't do anything. These are the building stones for a healthy body and they keep you going. A workout not only builds muscles but also produces new cartilage like to your spinal discs... 
Now that's quite an important one because: 

Shrinking discs cause more trouble than you might think..!  

The spinal cord has loads of nerves running in between the vertebrae, they communicate with all inner organs. A degenerated disc will cause pain as the nerves get pinched by the vertebrae so info to and from the organs are blocked or distorted.  Kidneys will signal a malfunction, blood pressure goes up, sugar levels getting higher... and much, much more.. Healthy discs will prevent and even restore these inconveniences and  medication is no longer needed. The pictures below show the corresponding nerves from the spine to the body parts :

Often patients tell me they can't do anything because each move hurts them... ! Yes, the first 2 weeks will be hard, for some almost impossible, but believe me, once the first millimeter of new texture has grown you will be able to increase your training.  

Perform your basic exercises very slowly but insistently. Do not force but be aware that the beginning will not be without any pain... Start with bending and twisting, walking and yoga, control your breath.

When you start a serious fitness program be aware of interactions with medication. You will notice you need less or no medicines at all...! That's also a moment regular doctors tell you not to quit on their prescriptions.

It's up to you..
You need a soft floor or mat. 

1. The rolling movement along the spinal column, left and right,

Lay down on your back, feet against the butt. Belly up and make rolling movements from the neck to the waist, not on the vertebrae, but on the muscles next to it, one time over the left and then over the right side. Also roll on the back of head from side to side, with some support on the shoulder blades, chin down. An exercise that you actually need to do every day for a minute, good for building up the intervertebral discs.

2. Same position, belly up, push the neck (from the back of your head up to the seventh cervical vertebrae) against the ground, slowly unroll the upper body without the neck getting separated from the floor..!! keep your chin on the chest and fix the position of your neck. You will feel that it is hard to do..

(The upper thoracic vertebrae are easy to do, but it is hard when you reach the middle and the loin...!! In this manner all the vertebrae from the neck to tailbone would be lying in a straight line, it is inevitable that your neck moves a bit.. This should be felt gruesome in the abdominal muscles .... Because the whole chest is powered up is not possible to take a deep breath, so go for little puffs.) Repeat the exercise 2 or 3 x, very slowly. 
3. Sit down on hands and knees. Bend your back up while you exhale, head down and inhale while you make a hollow back, head up. Do this very slowly, it's OK to take a short intermezzo to catch up on your breath..

4. Still on hands and knees. Reach out with your left arm forward and your right leg up backwards. Change position to the other arm and leg. Try to extend your body, keep breathing. Repeat several times. Also great as a balance excercise.

5. Same position on hands and knees now lift up or slowly make a 'Karate kick', with a straight leg, heel up, toes down. Keep your hands on the floor, lift up and turn your head to look over your shoulder at your heel..! Same on the other side.
6. Lay down on your back again, pull in the feet and try 'to walk' on your shoulder blades. Shift from left to right while you move back and forth on your blades

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