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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hypertension. High blood pressure.

 To lower blood pressure.
(very often the cause of headache)

Press the centerpoint at the edge of the skull (Atlas) for about 10 sec. while you inhale and exhale..!!! And BEFORE you inhale again:
carotid artery

Use your thumb or 3 fingers to press on the artery, start on the left...

..press the blood artery in the neck very deep so it blocks the blood stream..! At this moment you have to take a deep breath, release the pressure point at exhaling...!!!! repeat on the other side (you are allowed to take a few 'normal' breaths in between the left and right pressure pointing). Do this again..  (No more than twice each side w/o a bp meter)...! Blood pressure will drop by 20 to 40 points... !! Repeat when BP rises or headache occurs. 

Be alert for interaction with other medication/treatment.

 The left hand side will mostly lower on the 'upper' pressure (sys.), while the right hand side artery more regulates on the 'under' pressure (dia.)..
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The carotid arteries are two large blood vessels on either side of your neck that supply blood to the head and brain. Each artery contains a slightly dilated area called the carotid sinus. Within each carotid sinus are specialized areas of tissue called baroreceptors that are sensitive to pressure. When your baroreceptors are stimulated by the application of pressure, such as massage or one of the choke holds used in wrestling bp will drop., If you have carotid sinus syndrome you may faint or develop abnormally slow heartbeats.

Other points:

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/blood-pressure-and-exercise/#ixzz2AIl9YtDa

A diet, without medication, will take care of the problem.

Use medicinal marijuana..! 

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