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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gastric acid (heartburn), and what to do.

Gastric acid:

Drink some Camomile-tea,
drink milk,
or a little vinegar,
chew basil-leaves,
eat a teaspoon of sugar,
or eat a pickle.

You just have to find out which works best for YOU.

When it occures during the night, it might help to lie on your left side...

Relex point stomach,
use your nail or a pencil and press for about 15 seconds.
Drink some lukewarm water or tea,
a piece of dark chocolate might well absorb the acids...hmmm.

Cucumber and ginger are well know for their relieving ingrediënts,
also on this blog:

To avoid heartburn start your day with FRUIT: 

.Then there's always the old: Rennies...:)

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