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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Acupuncture (acupressure) points on dogs and cats.

When the points shown here in the chart, 
are stimulated via touch or pressure,
they bring harmony to the Stomach, Spleen, Liver and Gall Bladder and other parts of the body.

An unbalance in the organs of the digestive tract will manifest itself in frequent burping, gas, runny stools, poor assimilation of food and loss of appetite, this is just a partial list of problems.
You may also observe that your dog is lethargic and has no interest in play-time. They might also have a sad look and seem as though they can not get comfortable.

Every one of the points shown  corresponds to an organ that is important for a healthy digestive tract. The one exception is CV. This stands for "Conception Vessel" and it is not an organ, but rather a meridian that runs from under the tail towards the head and ends at the center of the lower lip. The companion meridian is the "Governing Vessel" which goes in the opposite direction, starting at the center of the upper lip then ending at the base of the tail.By working along the meridians and paying special attention to these points, balance and harmony can be returned.

In addition to using acupressure massage for regulating blood and qi, we will also be able to address any emotional issues the animal may be experiencing at the time since the stomach meridian is also associated with worry, fear and sadness.

GV26 nose point

Around the eye.

Meridians on the scull. 

The Ear. 

 Points in the neck

All Points.

 Points often used.

Cat's points are similar to the dog's.

..and Horses have theirs.

Paw points.

Dogs and humans appear to react to the needling of acu-points similar. Horses, cats, birds and other highly reactive animal species may respond even better to it.
This ancient, complementary treatment method is becoming more and more popular in veterinary practice.

It is used successfully to treat:
  • Chronic pain
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Digestive disorders
  • Skin problems
  • Wound healing
  • Neurological diseases
... just to mention a few.

Dogs that suffer from chronic pain can feel usually after a few sessions relief and fading of pain.
Acupuncture for canines can help to improve wound healing and pain control in the management of post-operative rehabilitation... ... so that way the dosage of pain killers and the duration of their intake can be reduced considerably.

"Doesn't it hurt being needled?" - This is an often asked question.

Most dogs don't seem to feel the needle insertion. Most humans neither...Usually they connect a treatment session with a positive, relaxing and calming experience.

They often become very sleepy during or after treatment. (There are even reports of dog owners who say that their pet had slept for a day or two after having had acupuncture...)
Some dogs might feel or appear in the first days after an initial session worse, than they had been before. This effect is also known in homeopathy and is called there an initial aggravation. I saw this effect happen in a few cases and after successive sessions patients have improved very much.
As a complementary treatment for a dog acupuncture offers an interesting and safe approach to the treatment of a various conditions.

Keep in mind, though, that it is not a cure-all and some dogs will respond only poorly or not at all to a treatment.

Pain relief for dogs and cats is one of the most challenging aspects of animal health care.
Knowing which solution best serves your pet will help to avoid potentially serious side-effects caused by administering a pain relief pill you bought over the counter and may not know enough about.
It is best to have some cat-specific emergency pain relief pill or oral solution at hand, so try to prepare before these events happen and have a small first-aid kit at home.
  • Always keep in mind that cats and small dogs are NO  children and therefore never use human  pain medicine for feline and  K9 pain relief as this can cause really bad side effects.
  • Aspirin is not suitable for pain relief for cats. Even the smallest piece of a normal human tablet, given once or twice, can cause fatalities.

Qi directs and coordinates the flow of energy that is present in all life forms.


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Jackson Willis said...

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Casey Jones said...

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