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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Contact with another lost movie-veteran, Don Gordon Bell.* (click to visit his blog)

When I started this blog in april I had no idea at all where I was going to. I wanted to publish my manuscript to still the hunger of my Dutch friends and give them an inside view of my life during those turbulent 80's on the filmset and beyond.

Due to my buddy Nick I decided to have my story done in English as well for him and some friends in Scandinavia. I was really surprised by the widespread red dots on my Cluster counter which I had installed over a week ago. This inspired me so much to keep this blog running, but made curious as well cos these dots represent readers. From the east- to the west coast in the US, the UK and even India. Now the very latest dot appeared on Korea were an old movie-veteran found his domicile in or around Seoul some years ago.

Of course I had heard of Don Gordon, we even happened to shoot some movies together, till 86. From there on I never saw Don again, he had left for the states as I was told. I liked the guy's attitude, rough but fair and a real lady-killer. He seemed to have a lot of good friends on the sets. We never got close though, I mean there were hundreds of people on these filmsets and one sticks to his nearest buddies mostly. I'm sure we smoked a doobie somewhere someday together with Nick. That's how we met.

I was so pleased to find me an e-mail sent by Don. He is running a blog also and had noticed the critical situation Nick was in at the moment and shared his emotions with me. I was so glad to hear he's offering his very appreciated help to Nick and Annie.
God bless you dude.

The story he's writing on his blog is amazing. I advice you to read his "Korean War Baby".



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Don Gordon Bell said...

Yes, got your emails, answered some but I have been very busy with followup on the television show. Thanks for the help in contacting Annie and Nick. I think the only films we met on were with Cirio. In 1985, I "got struck with religion, went sort of overboard with it, settled down now, more open-minded, more tolerant of various opinions."

I wish we had been able to know each other more back in those days. I knew of your interest in martial arts, I plan to post soon on my own journeys. I had to walk away from many things, excess womanizing (whoring), drinking, but I never gave up on my love for the martial arts and appreciation of true students of all arts.

Thanks for the mentions in your blog, it is great to "meet again". We shall share many stories when I get back to Manila, hopefully this year. I started as Don Bell, then changed to Don Gordon, found out there was a famous character actor by that name to went to Don Gordon Bell in the '80's. You guys though have really done so much more. Hey, did you get inviewed by the French Nanarland people? I will put in a word for you to get connected with them. I have been working on an interview that they sent to me. You should also get a chance, because you certainly are one of the Pigs In Space.