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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two friends from the '80's

The youth of some of my friends was far from ideal. Don Gordon Bell, my Korean buddy was adopted at age 5 and served his childhood in a foreign culture in a far away continent, separated from his bio-mother. His search to his identity is still not ended after half a century. By next week a program will be broadcasted on Korean TV to the whereabouts of his Korean family.

Well, my friend Eric Hahn also didn't have the most ideal childhood. His parents didn't care, they were addicted and he got his ass kicked once too often. He ran away from home at age 10, got caught, ran away again a became intractable. This very young child was put away in a mental hospital and did time. 5 years later at age 15 he was released and had to find his way in this hostile world, completely new to him. We don't wonna know what happened to this juvenile boy during his 'detention' , growing up between idiots and criminals. As a minor and no experience at all it was hard to find a job. One way or another he got himself somebody else's draft card showing an 18 year old. He got away with that for a while and made some bread. But then he was busted and convicted to 6 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! charged guilty of the intention to use the draft card for false representation. We're talking about a 17 year old child.

He was paroled as an adult 4 years later.

No wonder Eric grabbed his few belongings and went overseas. He worked as a fisherman, got on board of freight ships and spent some years in Europe and probably learned some French as well. When the 80's arrived this young man felt the urge to return to the states, he did so in 82.

He was only 26 or 27 at that time.

It didn't last long. The country seemed too hostile to him and he left again, to start a new live in the Oriënt.

I'm writing 1983. Eric Hahn enters a new world as he joins the 'movie makers' . Obviously he seemed to do a great job as he was offered one movie after on other. Couldn't miss or I was to meet this guy. Oh, yes I did. Eric made it up to a fabulous 100 movies or maybe more.
To my count we share at least 10 films, check my filmography.

So I can say I met and worked with this fellow, and I'm proud of it.

Great you're here Eric, welcome.

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Jack J said...

First Nick showed up over at Dvdmaniacs many months back, then you, and now you've located two more!! I wish some video companies would actually start releasing these films on dvd!