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Monday, November 30, 2009

Piri's map. A map older than our history..


Piri's maps (early 1500)

A lost civilisation must have made this map, it's a projection 'from above'. This is what you see when the edges of the continents decline on the horizon. It's interesting to see there's a central point in the middle of the Allantic. Is this the lost continent/island Atlantis..? There seem to be more 'central points' on this map. One up North and another 2 down South. What was going on their..??? 

 Other maps Piri used were all projections, centred from the Giza hights. And, believe me, these pyramids and the Sphynx were NOT built by the Pharao's some 4000 years back.

They were the ones to FIND the buildings in the sand and to re-shape the huge damaged Lionhead into a Pharao's head and to enter/break in to the Pyramids and to leave their marks behind...  

With Robert Bauval I believe they were built some 13,000 years ago, by a civilisation swept away by a worldwide catastrophe that flooded the Earth. Some of them survived to tell the stories we now know as Myths ans Sages, the Tales from Atlantis....

..Were théy the Gods who re-shaped the world and created the Adams and Eve's, a generation after 'The Flood'. ???



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