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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't pull cats teeth while playing..!

Cats are cute, especially when they're young. They're full of energy and love to play and run, climb your curtains or throw your plants from the window sill. Little kittens have to learn from exploring, they are eager to pick up new things by trying them out. They chase the light spot of a flashlight, hunt a piece a rope, climb your pants or steal your meatballs. Watching this fun, hormones are produced in the human brain ( endorphins), you laugh and you want to play and have fun as well.. ( that's why pets in general are good buddies).
It's fun to tease a cat with a rope or a wire, then try to be faster than they are and pull the string....... Please, do not do that.!!

Why ? Watch this photo and y'll understand:

Cats are fast, they will catch the bait and bite it. That's what they do, they are predators. And once they caught their prey, they won't let go of it. The moment you pull, you might extract some teeth of you pet. It happens just the way this little kid is showing you.

It's better to bind a rubber band to the object, so it won't stop with a jolt. Always be careful when you pull back your hands, when the cat grabs you while you do this, you'll be scared...

Animals and children ? That's OK, but watch both of them... When they shout:"The cat scrawled me"! , ..find out why, before you punish the animal ( btw. animals shouldn't be punished at all, love them !!!!!!).

And you know, they never can tell you what was done to them.....

In case you didn't notice: I like cats.

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