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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Amsterdamned. Speedboat scene on the canals.

release '88
Dutch movie. Most of this scene was shot in Utrecht. This is a must see...:

Wish I could say I'm in this one..well, can't complain. I was working for  Hamburger Hill at that time...!!

The making of: 


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Healing Hands... Bio-magnets that cure..

  Many healers have the ability to send energy through their hands, in such an  intensity others can actually feel it. I'm talking about Bio-Magnetism or Mesmerism. No doubt it works, hé, I'm doing this for decades already and how can one deny the results of these treatments..! I'm aware of the different approach of the Magnetiseur but who cares when his health is at stake...? Same goes for Acupuncture.

  Now how can this be done...? How can a person radiate such a power..?? I learned the techniques, without knowing it, already in the Karate class. Concentration, Breathing, Self confidence and a Healthy body will do the trick. 

  Breathing is an important ingredient to achieve your goal. Then centralize the energy, bricks and rocks can be broken with the correct technique. With an inner preparation it must be possible to move object: telekinesis,( I never succeeded in doing such), to destruct: ( which I had some talents for, even without Karate, LOL) or to cure, now that seemed to be my thing...! 

 After some time I managed to master this healing chapter, this is absolutely mind over matter.

 Often painful shoulders, sour backs and other physical harm came to my hands, and I can say 9 patients out of 10 could do their thing again after one of my healings, no shit. A gentle touch seemed to be enough to make pains disappear. Most of the times however I didn't even have to touch the patient. That's where I learned about Magnetizing, Mesmerism, that kinda things, and it worked...!

  A well trained martial artist is able to break stones with his bare hands, or to kill instantly by finger-touch only. This is not just physical power, most of it is 'power of the mind', this mental strength is beyond imagination and can be used not only to destroy or kill, but also to build or to heal. Yes, I can break stones and break my fall without getting hurt.
But it is much more fun to fix broken ribs or to cure where regular doctors failed...   

A scientific approach even explains many of it.
 It's all electricity. 
When your brains want your hands to make a certain move, an electric signal runs tru the nerves (and veins).

  The soul is like a magnetic field. You can't see it but it's there...!!....the 'control' systems in our body all work with electric pulses. A small current, generated in the brain, runs through the nerves and let things happen. Every move we make starts with a command from our soul, just a thought is enough to make our hands move, our feet walk...and our mouth talk.

Our body is a living battery  that feeds our internal PC: The Brain. 

  And we all learned at highschool that an electric current running through a conductor causes a magnetic field. I explained about that in my previous post:

"I remember one of the first lessons in electro-techniques where we had to make our own magnet, with a yard of copperwire and a nail...! 
It works like this: when a current flows thru a wire (like in your loudspeakers), a magnetic Field is created in the conus (windings). This makes the nail a magnet. 
Now the funny thing is that it works the other way around as well:

  When you move the magnet you create a electric current. That's how a dynamo works..."

 Now there happens to be iron in our blood and 70% of our body is just water ..well, that's a great conductor to electricity...! 
  Just by thinking !! an electric current activates your hands and fingers to move. This tiny current creates a magnetic field. Now through induction the same current will occur in the 'electric veins' of the patient. It works like a transformer.
A transformer only works due to the induction field generated by the primary coil or windings. The secundaire windings need to be close to the primary to induce it's own current. We're talking about volts and amps and magnetic fields.

 Now creating a bio-magnetic field is one thing, but to make somebody feel this energy is something else. Making it a healing power is an enormous mental issue and has to do with an alignment between sender and receiver, like tuning a radio station.

 From here it's more difficult, harder to explain, but I'll give it a try. I said before that each element has its own frequency or a unique vibration number. Crystals are well known to their use in radio techniques and in watches. Each living being has its own private 'shake', DNA. The trick is to find somebody's frequency and to tune-in to it. It doesn't need to be the same freq. a higher or lower harmonic vibe will do as well. Example: a patient has a vibe of 12, then I can step in with a 2, 3, 4 or 6 on the denominator. Chords are possible as well . Yeah, it's like music too... When I can't reach a patient with my 'field' I call them primes. The number 13's. !! Pretty hard to cure these peeps..

 Try This. Rub your hands firmly to warm up.. hold them in front of you, stretch your fingers !!  (use the muscles on de back of your hands) concentrate on your breathing and be aware of some kind a field in between your hands. Once you master this part you will be able to radiate the energy called Ki or Chi... 

  Other than a massage you don't touch a person, point your radiating hand(s) towards the patient's body and move around- or above it. 

  You're not surprised I guess when I tell you there is a link between the Atemi points on which a Karateka will hit you, and acupuncture points used to cure.   A gentle approach to these points will have a healing effect, while a tougher treatment might cause damage or even death. Although there are several exceptions to this rule.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The healing power of : Magnets and Gems.

By Bert E. Spoor de Rave

Everything around us has a magnetic field and has its own vibration and radiation. Crystals are well known for their high frequency and found their use in broadcast transmitters since the beginning of the radio. Or what about the crystal wrist watch, with this small piece of mineral (quartz) in it that controls the accuracy of your clock..!

Everything has a cycle, that's why it exists..!

How can your health be affected by all these vibrations around you.... ? Now where to start.....!
 I imagine life starts like this.

 But there's more than just our lifeline or heartbeat..
Ok, I'll give you a few: Sound, Light, Magnetic fields, Electro-magnetic fields (Cell-phones, Power-lines), Microwaves, X-rays, MRI-scan, Cosmic radiation, you know what I mean..? And of course all minerals and crystals with their own frequences... Did I mention already that every living creature on this Earth has its own unique frequency....!!?? (not to mention all the stimuli on FB, hehehehe)

 Music can make us happy or sad, active or sleepy, agressive or scared. Light, with its many coloured-spectrum, for sure does something to us as well, see my post on this blog.

 I'ld like to focus on Magnetic energy fields in this post.

The most important magnet to us is the Earth. Its huge magnetic field that circumglobes our planet is of vital importance to us. We couldn't survive without it...!
Now what is a magnetic field...? I remember one of the first lessons in electro-tecniques where we had to make our own magnet, with a yard of copper wire and a nail...! 
It works like this: when a current flows thru a wire (like in your loudspeakers), a magnetic Field is created in the conus (windings). This makes the nail a magnet. 
Now the funny thing is that it works the other way around as well:

  When you move the magnet you create a electric current. That's how a dynamo works...

 Now there happens to be iron in our blood and 70% of our body is just water ..well, that's a great conductor to electricity...!

How Magnets Relieve Pain

The magnet should be affixed to the skin directly over the painful area, it  will relax the capillary walls, thereby boosting the blood flow to that area.

They also help prevent  muscle spasms and interfere with the electrochemical reactions that take place within the nerve cells, impeding their ability to transmit pain messages to the brain.

Diabetic neuropathy
In research conducted at New Your Medical College of Valhalla, magnetic foot pads were more effective than nonmagnetic foot pads at relieving numbness, tingling and pain associated with this diabetes-related problem. Evidence suggests that roughly 80% of chronic pain sufferers could benefit form magnetic therapy. That is true for virtually any form of pain.

 A magnet’s poles appear to exert different healing effects. The north one calms, sedates and reduces inflammation. In contrast, the south pole stimulates and promotes healing, growth and activity.

Although not exactly sure how, scientists believe that magnetic fields perturb the body’s own magnetic energy, which, in turn, triggers more conventional biochemical and physiological mechanisms. (Magnetism is measured in gauss. A typical refrigerator magnet is about 10 gauss. That's too weak to penetrate the skin-and unlikely to be helpful for anything more than a minor bruise. Medical magnets range in strength from 450 gauss to 10,000 gauss. The higher the gauss, the better the pain relief )
 The use of magnets will:

·      Increase blood flow, bringing in more oxygen and nutrients, and flushing away waste products.

·      Modulate calcium flow through the body, which is essential to many physiological processes. Magnetic fields can attract calcium ions to heal a broken bone or help move calcium away from painful arthritic joints.

·      Alter the acidity or alkalinity of body fluids, which are often out of balance with illness;

·      Affect hormone production (including those of the brain’s all-important pineal gland), which initiates a cascade of biological effects.

·      Alter enzyme activity and other biochemical processes, such as the production of ATP, a molecule that provides cellular fuel for the entire body.

·      Stimulate electromagnetic energy flow through acupuncture meridians.

·      Alter cell chromosome alignment. 

Wound healing and fractures, please see this link.

Magnetic Healing Hands: 
In the late 70's I started to experience with some gems. I had bought a couple of stones in Colombo, Sri Lanka and was pretty curious if they would work. Safiers, Robins, Jade, Amethyst and Quartz. And a couple more...and they did work.

 Genezende edelstenen/healing gems.

   Dat het bestaat is buiten kijf, het wordt toegepast in radiozenders (zonder kunnen ze niet) in het bijzonder om het constante trillingsgetal dat ze bezitten, en in quartz horloges.. alles gebeurt hier op moleculair niveau. Voor onze zintuigen nagenoeg niet waarneembaar...! Het zijn zulke subtiele ´hoeweinigheden´ met zulke lage uitstralingswaarden die echter op atomair niveau aansturen als een servo...

   Het zijn vele cycli die het leven beheersen, kleine en grote. De rotatie, revolutie en prossesie van de Aarde. Je kunt ze afbeelden als grafiek om ze begrijpelijk en zichtbaar te maken. Deze geweldige gebeurtenissen zorgen voor energievelden waarvan gravitatie en magnetisme denk ik de meest bekenden zijn. Onze Aarde draait om de zon als een electron om een kern.

(Wanneer dit tig-miljard keer sneller zou gebeuren dan was ons zonnestelsel een solide massieve bal....! ) Of een zwart gat, geen idee... Alles beweegt in ieder geval.

Zo in het groot, zo in het klein.
Moleculen zijn opgebouwd uit atomen. Een atomaire opbouw is te vergelijken met een zonnestelsel: een kern met 'daaromheencirkelende' electronen en een enorme lege ruimte ertussen. Al dat gedoe met omelkaarheendraaien veroorzaakt een energieveld, in ieder geval zó sterk, dat het cellen kan binden. Ons lichaam is niets anders dan bizarre hoop ronddraaiende soep. (met 'n snufje kurkuma graag). Soms is het snert, soms koninginne....
Kan niet anders dan dat ik de volgende meteorietenregen met kruidenmix ga vergelijken...

  Wat heeft dat nou allemaal met kristallen te maken? Wel, die jongens zorgen, met hun unieke trillingsgetal, dat omliggend, hiervoor gevoelig weefsel, erop resoneert/vibreert. Alles wat er voorbijmarcheert wordt in het gelid gezet. Soort pacemakertje. De binaire spoel in de transformator op atomair niveau...! Invloeden van buitenaf....! Magneten hebben een soortgelijke invloed. Muziek heeft ook zoiets, toch...? Denk ik ineens aan Radioactief.... Hangertje cobalt 60... 't kan je teveel uitstraling geven.

Organen en aandoeningen worden gelinkt aan een bepaalde steen die het juiste trillingsgetal afgeeft om de boel te ordenen. Ze zijn niet alleen mooi en duur. Ze hebben waarde. Ze zorgen dat onze menselijke moleculen hun electronen kunnen coördineren en richten op een externe impuls. Mooi hè..?

Edelstenen stralen kracht uit. Dit moet je letterlijk nemen,..

 Gems are no magnets, the theory is that gemstones carry vibrational rates. By placing these stones within the aura, it will change your aura's vibrational rates also. Often the effects are indirect, but very potent. Other times, the effects are very direct and repeatable. There's a stone for almost any ailment and it would be an endless list on this page, therefor here's a link to a site with quite some info on this kind a therapy, please click here.

 .List of health problems and the cure:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Therapist onboard the "Henry Dunant". The Red Cross cruiser.

 Magic hands, that's how they (my patients) often called my 'instruments': my hands.. 'Unbelievable' or 'gifted'.'How do you do that...?' Well, one way or another my hands radiate a strong 'bio-magnetic field', even felt on a distance.. As a practitioner of alternative healing I approach all kind of disorders at a holistic way. A combination of non-regular manners inspired me to practice such in the field. What started with Shiatsu-massage and Karate atemi's, developed to a wider assortment of knowledge. My Martial Arts training made my 'Chi' flow, and I learned how to use it...(more about that in my post: 'American Ninja'.) My years in Asia only added more experience as I was able to practice as a 'hilot' on many a movie set.

   Somewhere back in 1993, I got a call from a friend whom I cured from a sore back.. He happened to be a crew-member of the 'ms J. Henry Dunant', a hospital cruiseship that sails the Dutch and German waters for 42 weeks a year. (Hi, Ton..!) He asked me if I was available the next couple a weeks....OK..! What for...? They were in need of a fysiotherapist cos the regular one got ill or something.. I didn't hesitate for a moment and took off for the Harbours.....

 Each cruise lasts for a week, sailing the larger- and smaller rivers and lakes of the Netherlands. On board some 55 handicapped, ill or bedridden patients. Most of them never been on vacation before or at least couldn't due to their restrictions. Other than the ship's crew, an 'army' of Red Cross volunteers embarks to assist. A ship's doctor, nurses, a head nurse and other hands to serve...

This trip: regio ´Rotterdam´. After this one I would join the regio for another 2 cruises, while The Hague and Amsterdam also invited me to participate.. I enjoyed each and every trip and feel happy I could contribute to these people's vacation week.

 Photo's 1993/94.
 ..acupuncture and shiatsu massage, I sometimes adviced my patients to smoke a joint or to use CBD drops.....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Medicinal Marijuana vs Tobacco and Alcohol.

 And still people keep calling it a drug. It's NOT. It's a medicinal herb, a natural product that cures and prevents. It's NOT addictive nor toxic. If legalized it would be the safest and cheapest medicine available. Farmacy industry isn't amused at all. They rather see you use their poisonous pills causing a variaty of side-effects. And yes, you need to take pills again to fight those side effects....!  

  There are a lot of components in the Cannabisplant. Common knows is the factor THC, as in Tetra Hydro Cannabinol. Up to now 70 !!! kinds of different THC's were found and varying contents of CBC, CBD, CBN, CBG and THCV  and their associated by-products. The CBD is the ingredient one is looking for when creating medicine for the sick, particularly inflammatory diseases. And then there are the Terpenes..! 
If you walk into a garden in bloom and breathe deeply, you are likely to encounter great smells. In many cases, the molecules that bring those scents to your nose are the terpenes. Terpenes are a class of molecules that typically contain either ten or fifteen carbon atoms built from a five-carbon building block called isoprene . It is important to note these molecules are volatile —they tend to evaporate relatively easily—which allow them to reach one's nose and trigger the olfactory senses. Ever been in a Pinewood. Well I guess everybody knows how a christmas tree smells... Hmmm, I wouldn't mind to stroll around in a Weedwood...

Cannabis - Alcohol - Tobacco


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisson- Picture of the new volcano at Eyjafjalla glacier

One of the most beautiful pictures I've seen this year. 
Thanks  Hrafn. (Raven)

 "Der Vogel hat im Indogermanischen zwei urverwandte lautmalende Wortwurzeln, die eine südeuropäische „Kor” mit den Bildungen griech. Korax, davon lat. Corvus, frz. Corbeau, die andere nordeuropäische „Hrab”, davon das altnordische Hrafn, althochdeutsch Hraban, oberdeutsch Rapp, schwed. Rafn, dän. Ravn, engl. Raven, holländisch und niederdeutsch Raaf, Rave u.ä....  Die nieder- und hochdeutsche Form kommt nun in ganz Norddeutschland vor, entweder als Rave, Rawe, Raawe oder als Rabe, Raabe, Raab, Rabener." 

This is what Dante was talking about. 'The Inferno'.