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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to keep healthy fish in your aquarium and pond.

 The importance of KH

  I have dead fish in my pond. Cold winters with low temperatures are often blamed for it, but most of the time that's not the reason. There's several reasons why your fish get sick and/or die. With new aquaria and ponds it's often the filter system that hasn't built up enough  bacteria to get rid of the ammonia and nitrates. When there's a high population of fish it could be lack of oxygen so you need more bubbles.. But most of the time it's the sudden fall of of the pH levels in the water when temperature rises at spring. It starts around a water temp of 7 - 8 C  or 45F. (and up).  The pH scale measures how acidic or basic the water is and ranges from 0 to 14.  A neutral environment,  7, is appreciated by our fish, they can live at different readings though, but a sudden drop of the acidity could be disastrous. Below 4 you're in big trouble..

 My pond

Many aquarists overlook the need of Calcium and Magnesium and the effect of a proper KH (Carbonate Hardness) in their freshwater aquarium/pond.

  KH is basically the buffering capacity of your  water, a KH above 6  helps prevent sudden drops in  pH. (and is an important source of energy for nitrifying bacteria that eliminate ammonia and nitrite.)

It needs a test set to measure your water levels, you can get this at any petshop or garden center.

  To have the KH increased you need to use KH+, ( available up to 5 kg bins). This probably will solve most of the problems already. It highers ph levels as well.

 Another very important ingredient in a (Koi) pond is SALT.  Not your Jojo kitchen salt, but special pond salt from the petshop/center. You need as much as 1g/ltr, yes that's 1kg to every cubic meter...( there's a salt meter to read on the levels.). 

 Once your pond not only has Goldfish or Shubunkin in it, but  Koi and Sturgeons as well, it will change you, they become your friends for the rest of your life...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why I wasn't a good cop...

  During the 80's I was an instructor to the NBI (National Buro of Investigation) in Manila, it was to me to train the MM cops and teach them some disarming techniques and work on their condition. They were friendly to me, but they didn't like me....:-)   Hell no, I let them sweat and had them work their ass off, hehehehe. A few of them  had some martial arts talents though, they seemed to be members of the PAJA ( Phil. Amateur Judo Ass'n) already. But to be frankly, it wasn't a pleasure to practice in the NBI gym, there wasn't any airco, no windows and a mouldy fragrance of dirty feet around the dressing room and showers. Oh, their was fun as well and they liked my way of telling jokes in several dialects after a couple of San Miguel beers. I even became friends with a couple of them. After I changed the training location to Vito Cruz stadium I lost contact with most of them but two. They were great guys I kept in touch with for several years.

It must have been after wrapping the set and having a beer in Ermita when I walked in to one of the guys. He said he wanted to recruit me as a civilian officer..I would get a badge and become member of the 'Citizens Anti Crime Department', or CACD and would be allowed to carry a gun..!   The tourist belt was my fields, just had to keep my eyes open to see if tourists didn't get ripped off and stuff like that...
Then I got a mission.!
 I had to check in as a tourist in a hotel in Makati. My instructions were: to find out if a certain room boy was selling drugs to tourists in the hotel...
  I checked in and a roomboy (THE roomboy) showed me my room and I gave him a nice tip.  I said I wanted to have some fun that night and asked if he had some suggestions like locations and girls. He mentioned some bars in the neighbourhood I happened to know. Not the cheapest but OK for tourists...Next I asked him if there's was something more, next to alcohol, he could recommend.. He said there was a drug called Shabu, but not good for the health to use that....!
He said: "Sir, I have a friend, he is selling grass, very good stuff from the mountains. If you like I can get you some..."
I wanted to know if he was from the mountains. But he wasn't, he came from Cavite a province south of Manila he said..! And the barrio he mentioned wasn't too far from my place in Tanza at that time. We almost were neighbors.!!!

I looked at the kid and said:  "I'm not really a tourist, but I live here for quite some time already. If you are  a smartass you better stop promoting your friend's weed, cos they've got an eye on you. You're a suspect.. and I'm the one to find out about it.." ...

Imagine his face.

I told him to go to Holland to do this kinda work, it would be very much appreciated. 

Imagine his face..

I gave him 20 pesos and told him to take care.

Imagine his face...

My report:  "Not guilty"...
( Cannabis is not a drug )

Imagine my face.....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seal killing.... STOP IT... Pls. sign petition...

Take the Pledge!

Don't Buy While Seals Die: Boycott Canadian Seafood!

Make your personal pledge below:

Find seal friendly restaurants & stores >

Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Slaughter

Mother seals can barely find ice to give birth on. The bottom is dropping out of the world market for seal fur. Thousands of restaurants refuse to serve Canadian seafood until the slaughter stops. Yet Canada presses ahead with the killing as usual.
Let's show Canada that the end to the seal slaughter is as inevitable as melting ice.

Join the 2011 boycott now!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cannabis Kills All Known Germs. .including MRSA superbug.

The increase in MRSA infection in UK hospitals is a growing concern for both doctors and patients alike, but according to an American based company an effective, cannabis-based disinfectant is available to fight the super-bug.

MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a type of bacteria which has become increasingly resistant to antibiotics. MRSA infection has become increasingly difficult to treat, and can lead to death.

The number of cases of MRSA has been rising sharply - from 2,422 in 1997 in England and Wales, to 7,684 in 2003/4 in England alone. Official figures show that about 15% of reported MRSA cases result in death.

Disinfectant - A Huge Market
UK Children of the 70's and the 80's will be well familiar with the famous Domestos bleach TV adverts which ran for a couple of decades.

Much as they do today, animated germs and bugs ran riot across our screens (and down our toilet bowls), and the unbeatable bleach product would swing in as our saviour, and that of our families and young children.

Today, disinfectant is a huge consumer market, which sees shoppers spending millions of pounds sterling every year on liquid for the toilet, for the kitchen sink, and of course, the new generation of bleach/disinfectant wipes and sprays, used to protect our families from cross-contamination on the kitchen work-tops and food preparation areas.

If only we could kill germs and bugs as efficiently in our hospitals, right? Well apparently we can, according to a study which says Cannabis has shown "Exceptional" antibacterial activity against MRSA.

But the truth is no-one wants us to know about it. At the behest of a government which is dead set against any positive news regarding cannabis being released for general consumption, the press simply refuses to tell us about it.
But thankfully thats not the case in America.
Cannabis Science Inc
Dr. Robert Melamede, PhD., Director and Chief Science Officer for American based Cannabis Science Inc, reported recently on the current state of research into the use of natural plant cannabinoids to reduce the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, including methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus aureus (MRSA), and the prospects for development of topical whole-cannabis treatments.

According to studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and by the Center for Disease Control in 2007, MRSA is responsible for more than 18,500 hospital-stay related deaths each year, and increased direct healthcare costs of as much as $9.7 billion.
Dr. Melamede stated, “Research into use of whole cannabis extracts and multi-cannabinoid compounds has provided the scientific rationale for medical marijuana’s efficacy
in treating some of the most troubling diseases mankind now faces".

"Infectious diseases such as the flu and HIV, autoimmune diseases such as ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and diabetes".

Amazingly this also includes neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, stroke and brain injury, as well as numerous forms of cancer.
"One common element of these diseases", continues Dr Melamede, "is that patients often suffer extended hospital stays, risking development of various Staphyloccus infections including MRSA".
"A topical, whole-cannabis treatment for these infections is a functional complement to our cannabis extract-based lozenge.”
Investigators at Italy's Universita del Piemonte Orientale and Britain's University of London, School of Pharmacy reported in the Journal of Natural Products that five cannabinoids - THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN - "showed potent antibacterial activity" and "exceptional" antibacterial activity against two epidemic MRSA occurring in UK hospitals.
The authors concluded: "Although the use of cannabinoids as systemic antibacterial agents awaits rigorous clinical trials, … their topical application to reduce skin colonization by MRSA seems promising. … Cannabis sativa … represents an interesting source of antibacterial agents to address the problem of multidrug resistance in MRSA and other pathogenic bacteria."
But as was mentioned at the start of this article, for some reason the British government, backed up by the press, would rather we never got hear about it. Now why would that be do you think?
Read the full story HERE
For more information follow the link below to Cannabis Science Inc.

Cannabis Science Inc.
Steven W. Kubby, 888-889-0888
President & CEO

info@cannabisscience.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Courtesy to CannaZine.

Hemp. Penicillin of the 21st century

Penicillin of the 21st century
Answers to the question if cannabis cures or if it's a drug greatly differ. Yet the last years' results of the scientific teams in the whole world say that as long as hemp is applied correctly and moderately as a treatment of people that do not use it for other things than healing, it could act positively on many diseases including cancer. ''Just like penicillin was considered miraculous medicine of the 1940's, even hemp could become a miraculous cure of the 21st century in the end,'' says Lester Grinspoon, ex-professor of the faculty of medicine at Harvard University, active member of the organization for legalization of the effects of marijuana and author of the book Marihuana - forbidden medicine.

''Marijuana is remarkably non-toxic, having a wide range of medical applications and if it was legal it would also be inexpensive,''

New hope for cancer
British medical doctors confirmed positive effects of hemp in the treatment of the Crohn's disease. The research proves that hemp alleviates pain, restores appetite and reduces the need for taking usual meds. The products of healing hemp cosmetic help with the on-going dermal problems and difficulties. Also the scientists noted positive effects of marihuana during arthrosis treatment. The Swiss medical doctors also confirmed the effects on atherosclerosis. Their study showed that cannabis reduces clogging of blood vessels. In glaucoma, which is one of the most common causes of blindness, it was proven that cannabis can reduce intraocular pressure by up to fifty percent.

But that is not all - cannabis can have beneficial effects on asthma sufferers, it can improve condition of patients with Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, helps in the treatment of AIDS and in up to 60 percent of epileptics. The latest research goes even further according to it cannabis helps even with cancer. American scientific team proved its anti-carcinogenic effects in 1947. Not only patients tolerate chemotherapy better with it, but some types of cancer can also be healed by it. If the effect is proved by tests that are currently being performed by a team of Spanish medical doctors, cannabis could be a new hope for oncology.

Lesser evil than meds
Despite the proven positive effects adverse reactions can also occur - depression, anxiety, paranoia and memory impairment - which should be considered before treatment. ''Compared to many drugs that doctors prescribe it is a harmless substance,'' said Professor Abrams, University of California. ''This is not a harmless drug, but is far less harmful than alcohol and tobacco,'' says Professor Grinspoon already quoted.
Cannabis should in no case be consumed in large - positive effects on those who have more experience with the drug were not observed. In any case there is a new hope that cannabis, a drug known already for five thousand years, will cause a revolution in the 21st century.

CANNABIS, medicine of the 21st century?
Cannabis in Latin, mostly known as marihuana, boo or hashish comes from Himalayas. It has been known for thousands of years for its healing effect, but only now it attracts attention of medical doctors all around the world. It can do wonders, being used in patients with defined diagnosis, even in treatment of serious and otherwise incurable diseases.

The hemp, together with hop belongs to a hemp subfamily, it is an annual dioecious herb that can be classified within 3 basic categories'' sown hemp (Cannabis sativa), Indian hemp (Cannabis indica) and a weed hemp (Cannabis ruderalis). These 3 types differ in appearance and growth - some of them may reach the height of up to 6 meters and in content of the efficient substance of THC. It has its origin in Asia, on the western sides of Himalayas.
In its dry form it is classified as drug. The mixture of the dried leaves and footstalks altogether with the petals became commonly known as marihuana, whilst the resin, obtained from female plants and being 6 times more efficient, is known as hashish. 

Take care of your health ..

Friday, March 18, 2011

The healing power of sound/music: The Genius Accelerator and 528 Hz DNA repair sound.

 The Genius Accelerator.
Try to tune in and hum...those of you with a 'natural ear' might find it more difficult, cos this frequency is slightly higher than a clear C...

 Do you find it hard to tune in, try this one having harmonics with it.


Fat boy smashes bully opponent.

Casey Heynes, a hero with  ONE move. 100% selfdefence against bully.  

The (much smaller) bully taunted and hit Casey after school while other kids laughed and videotaped the whole incident. Eventually, the much-bigger Casey could take no more, as he picked up the scrawny antagonizer and smashed him hard onto the concrete.
  In Nippon this is an Ippon...

We have seen no reports regarding what happened to the bully, but he appeared to injured as he struggled to walk around after the incident. Apparently, Casey got suspended from school for his actions and could face further discipline, while the kid picking on him allegedly received no punishment.
The YouTube page provided the following information, allegedly from Casey’s friend’s father:
“This 16 year old kid has been tormented every single day of his short high school life – and today he snapped!! He was suspended and may be looking at criminal charges, all because this little runt thought he could make an example of Casey in front of his “TUFF buddies!!”
A Facebook group formed to support “Casey The Punisher,” and members appear to be highly in favor of his decision to fight back. But the words some people have chosen in support of Casey might be taking things a little too far.
Bullying has been a hot issue lately—President Obama even held a conference last week to address the problem—and this is sure to add fuel to the anti-bullying campaign.

Well, he's my HERO...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Full Moon, march 19, 2011.

We are about to experience the biggest full moon in the sky for 19 years.

The moon is not actually bigger, it’s just closer, and what’s more it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you’ll be able to see the lunar phenomena.
It happens on March 19, 2011.

The date falls on a Saturday and providing atmospheric conditions allow, for example, no cloud, you will witness a moon (and a full one at that!) some 14 percent bigger and 32 percent brighter than normal. This is because the moon is on a elliptical orbit. That is not an orbit that forms a perfect circle. So, on occasion it will pass the earth on a close approach, known as a perigee. When it is at its furthest approach it is known as an apogee.
The major concern for some is that the moon’s perigee will cause severe weather phenomona such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides. The moon being so close will have an immense pull on the earth it will affect the tides possibly causing flood damage and some land erosion.
The moon affects all the world’s water and there is much water beneath the earth’s crust. Waterways, underground rivers and sea caverns are also likely to be affected by the magnetic lunar pull, as are human beings themselves.

See Pix:

Mental powers.

Mental powers

Most of my friends, by now, know I'm a martial artist for 50 years already, I learned how to concentrate my powers to one point to give it all the energy it needed. That's the way to make an Ippon or to break a leg...A well trained  martial artist is able to put his 'Chi' ( his mental energy) to the place where he wants it. The impact of such an energy can be beyond imagination.  Break tests are a nice example of what can be done....but that's just one side. The power of your own mind/spirit is stronger than you might think ( besides religion), I learned to focus my energy and to send it any direction I wanted, it started with Mesmerism/magnetism that came from my hands. Imagine, I didn't need to massage, not even touch... You can read more about that on my blog: Healing Hands, see links.
 On board the Henry Dunant, 'fixing' a neck,
no not the necklace. :)

I learned more about my hands' energy when I noticed other people, in the neighborhood of the patient I treated, could feel it...!  Then I found out I could do the same through the telephone...freaking feeling, tell you, talked to the people and sent them my energy, even wireless. Na...
Sometimes, during my film career, I had the feeling my work as a healer was more appreciated than my acting capacities, hehehehe. I was very lucky Ken and Maria Metcalfe (movie casting office) were a fan of my healing hands and always got me a part of the scene...

Now I tell you, it takes a lot of energy to achieve these healing capacities, sometimes it emptied my battery to the limit and blacked me out, fainted me completely. That's no problem when y're in a good shape and healthy (and young). Through the years I learned more about acupuncture and food....

 I respect everybody who believes in a religion and do prayers, especially when it's meant to help others. But you're asking someone else to do the job for you. A prayer isn't enough...it's a start, but there should be more from yourself in it. Don't leave the job to God , Jesus, Allah, Mohammed, Jaweh or others. Do something yourself, use your OWN energy to help others, use your 'Chi/Ki' to send power, Your power. If we all do, it makes a difference...! Please use your 'battery' to send positive energy to where you want it to go. It's not going by itself, you need to work on it, concentrate your thoughts, visualize a situation and send your personal mental powers...

Please help.   My old battery can't do it on it's own, it's almost empty ....



Sentenced to death.

By Peter Davy.

Imagine Being Told You Are Going To Die

To understand everything on this site you have to start at the beginning... and for me... the story below is the beginning. This is a true story on my Medical Records but I've written it below in active form. It's actually pulled from a book I started writing about my experiences years ago. Just remember every word is true and can be backed up by my family and doctors and medical records...

"You have five days to live." I've never seen a doctor cry before but I could swear his eyes were wet as he gripped my arm and told me the news.
"You have one of the biggest brain tumours ever seen by the Wanganui Hospital MRI team. It is at the base of the brain in a particularly difficult location. With a tumour that size the roots will be deep in the brain and by the time they cut it all out you'll most likely be a vegetable even if you do survive. Your survival chance is about 5%."
I could definitely see tears. "You have five days to put your financial and personal affairs in order then they're expecting you at the Wellington Hospital neuro-surgery unit. You need to say goodbye to your wife and children. Your neuro surgeon is Dr Hunn, he's very good."
What do you say to something like that? I've run into many people over the years who have joked about what they'd do if they knew they only had a few days or weeks to live. I had no plans at all. Only a shock so deep that to this day ten years later .... I'm still living in that moment as the doctor swept away my entire life in one sentence. You have five days to live. Say what?  I can still see that scene in my head because it is the exact moment my life ended. I have nothing now and it all happened on a lovely summer day with that simple single sentence from my local GP.
To give it some context we need to go back to the year 1990. Around about that time I started getting headaches while carrying out my job as a computer engineer and Information Technology Manager for the South Taranaki District Council. For the next ten years I kept going to see doctors and specialists who all insisted that there was nothing wrong with me other than the fact that I'm a neurotic who imagines headaches.... and yes that is EXACTLY word for word what some doctors said to me. It was even written several times in my medical files but in latter years all those original documents have been "lost" apparently. Very convenient for some doctors that some crucial medical files go missing after I made a complaint to the Health and Disability Commission. That's another story though.
Fast forward ten years to 1999 and the doctor who is telling me I have five days to live because they finally believed me and did a CT scan which swiftly became an MRI scan after the CT showed the tumour.  "The tumour is very difficult to get at," said the doctor. "They will need to remove your nose first then operate through the nasal area to get at the base of the brain. The nose can be stitched back on afterwards."
Was this for real? It didn't feel real. It felt like it was happening to somebody else and I was an observer at a distance.  "If only we had caught this tumour a few years earlier then it would be infinitely easier to manage," the doctor continued. I didn't bother reminding him that I had been reporting the headaches for ten years and had a big fat medical file to prove it. A file that is now mysteriously a third of the size.
"Thanks doctor," I said.... and walked out the door. What else is there to say? I wanted to be outside and feel fresh air and wind on my face, feel sunshine..... the shock was still only slowly creeping over me.... starting at the soles of my feet and creeping up my spine. A cold dark feeling of utter hopelessness and dejection. This is a true story remember? Imagine if you... the reader.... were told you had five days to live.... what would you do? Suddenly, out of the blue.... on a nice sunny day... a routine trip to the doctor to get some scan results...  imagine how you would feel. Put yourself in my place. Words can't describe it.
Let me explain EXACTLY what it is like to be told you have five days to live. Prior to that moment I had lived my life like most middle class people. I chased success and money just like all the other people I knew. Worked hard, long hours, university study... but it had been worth it. I was a manager, I made $60,000 a year in 1999 and I had staff working for me. I had a custom built office and everybody I knew respected me because I was good at what I did.
Thirty seconds after being told I had five days to live and my whole life up until that point meant nothing. My wife and two children mattered but my career and the money suddenly seemed completely pointless. What use is money in a coffin? Why had I wasted ten years in a suit and tie fixing computers just so I could turn around and die? My world no longer made any sense at all and to this day it still makes no sense. When I walked out the door of that doctor's office, into the sunshine, nothing looked the same anymore. All these people charging around doing who knows what? All the cars, the houses, the trees.... in one week's time I would no longer be part of that world anymore. I would be stone cold dead. That's all I could think about. It was like a fog came down between me and the world around me. There was no use being interested in anything or getting attached because soon I would be gone. No use wanting anything at all. No point to anything. Reality was like watching an old movie that was already beginning to flicker and fade away. It wouldn't be my reality much longer so was it really even reality at all? My mind was already starting to get all twisted up just trying to process the information.  I think I started going crazy that day.
That is the reason I am writing this book. I don't understand what happened. I don't understand the way I've been treated. I don't understand the NZ government and the things they did to me later on in this true story. I don't understand the coverup by the medical profession and by the police. I don't understand why my employer at the South Taranaki District Council treated me the way he did after I was told that I was dying. I don't pretend to understand anything anymore. Maybe I'm a monster but I just can't see it. Maybe the tumour has made me mentally ill.
Certainly many of the things I've done in the ten years since that diagnosis... seem crazy... even to me... looking back. I think I just lost all perspective on what a "normal" life is... probably because I've never felt "normal" since. Now I truly understand how short life really is and how it can be snuffed out in an instant. It has made me irritated with people who hurt others and who cruise along as though there is all the time in the world to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. It's made me extreme in much of the things I've done.... and maybe it made me crazy.
All I can do is write the truth and let the reader judge for themselves. Maybe the reader can understand better than me why certain things have happened. Personally I'm starting to believe that I'm cursed. Terrible things have happened to me and they continue to happen and I have absolutely no idea why.  Read on and judge for yourselves.
So what did I do for the next five days? What would you do? There was no bucket list, no skydiving.... I didn't rob any banks. Sure I thought about it. A free pass to do anything I liked. What could anybody do to me? I already had the death sentence. That's what it was like. The doctor was like a judge passing out the death sentence to a convict. "In five days time you will be taken to the gallows and hung by the neck until you are dead...." That's what the doctor might as well have said. There was nothing the police could do to me that was as bad as what was going to happen anyway.  So instead of robbing banks and creating bucket lists, I went into the deepest state of shock that I've ever been in and I think I may still be in that same state ten years later.
I did nothing but cry and say goodbye to people. I gave away all my belongings.... closed my accounts.... said goodbye to my wife Vicki and my two gorgeous children, Aaron and Lisa.  Five days later I drove alone from Wanganui to Wellington after making provisions for one of my brothers to pick up my car from the carpark of Wellington Hospital after the operation. That was meant to be my last drive.... ever! A lovely sunny day, people going about their business, people with lives.... it made me really sad to look at other people. It made me sad that I would no longer have dreams, no longer have a future. I felt dead inside even before I checked into the hospital.  I had to stay overnight and the operation was the next morning. A priest came to visit me that night. He was the hospital chaplain. He went on about the last rites (I'm Irish Catholic) and came to say goodbye to me the next morning. He looked very sad as well. I just felt dead inside.
I had a big battle going on in my head and it wasn't pretty. All my life I've believed in God. Up until that week. Now I was angry and I was having serious doubts. I've hurt nobody in my life and helped a lot of others... so what had I done to deserve this? I just couldn't get my head around any of it. One moment I'm a successful computer engineer at the top of my game and the next minute I'm about to get my brain sawn open and my future is a big cold hole in the ground.
One hour before the operation they were getting me prepped, putting pressure bandages on my legs to keep the blood flow going in my brain. A specialist endocrinologist came in and introduced herself as Dr Robin Toomath.  "Peter," she said, "I've had another look at the MRI scans and I think we may have made a mistake. Now that I have another look I'm thinking it may be a tumour of the pituitary gland at the base of the brain and not the brain itself. The tumour is so big it is hard to tell where it is actually growing from. If it is a tumour of the pituitary gland then it's called a prolactinoma and we may be able to treat it with experimental medication from the USA instead of cutting your head open. We'd like to try you on the medication for a few months to see if it works or not."
And that was that. Just like that. Sorry about the mistake, here's a prescription.... bye. No Social Worker, no psychologist, no anything.  Okay now you probably think that I should have been overjoyed.... but I simply went into deeper shock. I'd given away everything I owned, left my wife, quit my job and they weren't even sure that it was a prolactinoma. I still might have terminal brain cancer. The specialist said it might take two years before they knew for certain if the medication worked. When I walked out of that hospital I just felt really, really weird. As though it was all happening to somebody else and I was watching from afar. I felt totally disconnected from all the events that were happening. There was nothing in my coping skills experience to prepare me for what was happening. I honestly had absolutely no idea what to do. If ever there was a time in my life that I needed professional advice then that was it. I didn't get any though.
The main problem was that nobody knew for certain yet just what exactly was wrong with me. There was no point in trying to get my old life back if I was going to die in a few months anyway. I was stuck in limbo. How do you focus on a job and a career when you might only be around for a short time longer? Seriously, how do you appear to genuinely give a shit about a broken computer network when you might be dead in a week?  All my adult life I'd been a control freak. I'd also been totally confident in my own abilities to survive in the big bad world. Up until then I'd believed that I could cope with anything.... and to date I had. Suddenly I had zero control over my life. In one day I'd lost twenty years of planning, striving, studying... lost my marriage, my career, my income, my belongings... To this day I have never recovered that self confidence and never will. I discovered how fickle life really is. It gets worse.... and this is where the story really starts.
The experimental medication called Bromocriptine made me vomit 24/7. All I did all day long was throw up. Now I was simply too sick to even care. If I was a dog they would have shot me to put me out of my misery. That would have been doing me a favour. Weeks, then months went by... and all I did was vomit. I couldn't work, think, eat, sleep.... just throw up. One day I was earning $60,000 per annum and the next day I was on an invalid's pension of something like $9,000 a year. My credit card bill on it's own was more than that. One day I had a line of $40,000 instant credit on call, one week later and I have creditors blacklisting me because I can't meet interest payments. Until that day I'd never missed a single payment or had bad credit in my life.
I set my wife and kids up independant and moved into a flat alone so that my wife would get used to life without me. I was still sure I was going to die because I felt so damn ill all the time. The doctors couldn't say for sure yet if I had terminal cancer or not. I spent most days curled up somewhere in a foetal position, only moving to throw up in a bucket. Two years went past. I spent most of it in the foetal position although I did find the time to set my wife up with my brother Michael. I figured that if I wasn't going to be around to look after her then I better make sure she was cared for. So I got her together with my brother and they're still together to this day.
Back to the vomiting. That was my life and it still would be my life if it hadn't been for the weed. One day I get on the internet and go to some website in the USA frequented by other patients on the same medication as me. They're all saying the same thing. The ONLY thing that stops the vomiting is cannabis. Now I hadn't smoked cannabis since I was a teenager about twenty-five years before. I didn't even drink alcohol at the time. I was a dead straight up guy. Where would I even get cannabis?
Long story short... I eventually tracked down some cannabis and tried it. BANG! Instant miracle. Now you don't see many miracles in real life. They're few and far between and very few things in life live up to the hype of what they're meant to do. This was different. One joint and I never threw up for the first time since I was on the medication. Not only did cannabis work but it worked 100%. I have never vomited from that medication as long as I have had access to cannabis. Not only did it stop me vomiting but I immediately felt better all over and within hours I was writing out job applications determined to turn my life around and make the most of a very bad situation.
Within six months I was working in Australia as a computer engineer on some of the most complex computer networks I've encountered in my travels. Everyday I smoked weed and went to work and not a single soul knew. It truly was a miracle for me. The miracle that has become the worst nightmare of my life. Thanks for the most part to the efforts of the NZ Police.... If they had let me grow my Medical Marijuana in peace then I'd probably still be a top computer engineer... but once you get busted that first time... it's on your record and you can't get work and you're a target for the police for the rest of your life. You'd think being diagnosed with a brain tumour would be enough.... without the NZ Police kicking me in the guts for the rest of my life.   >>>>>>>>
ADDENDUM:  A few years after this mess I actually went to the Human Rights Commission and the Health and Disabilities Commission and told them how all this bad stuff had happened to me... like losing my whole damn life and being arrested all the time. They basically told me "We can't look into anything that involves bad decisions you made yourself. Those decisions are your responsibility alone... sorry."
You know how there's meant to be all these great Government Departments that you can go to for help? You go into hospitals and doctors and they have all these posters on the wall about who to go to help.... well I tried okay... I really did try... and got told that it was all my own fault. That's what I'm still being told to this day.
All I can say to all those cops who have busted me, the parole officers who have judged me, the judges that have sentenced me.... all these people with good health and great jobs and a nice life.... TRY WALKING A MILE IN MY SHOES...... then we'll see how clever you are with the blame game...
None of you have a damn clue what I've been through.... all I've ever done is tried to survive the best I can... without any help from any of you... I've done what I could... in my own way... to keep myself from ending up hanging at the end of a rope. So thanks for fucking nothing the lot of you!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Body language, talking without saying something becomes: saying something without talking.

The language of the body is universal.

The way you walk, the way you talk, the expressions on your face and many other signs tell a lot about you and your health. As a teener already I loved to sit near the Central Station in Rotterdam and watch all those peeps go by. At the age of 19  I learned how to read this language. Or should I say: some of the languages, 'cos there are differences between them. The oldest  is 'baby talk', a language every mother knows how to understand. It isn't verbal yet but it is communication. Signals from the hands, gesticulation and moves are another language ( I mean the body language, different from the deaf  or mute language ). Eyes, mirrors of the soul tell a lot....A mouth can talk without saying something..You know what I mean..?
There's a difference in how younger people show what's going on and how the elderly do. Like how and why a 20 year old limps and how and why a 70 year old does so...!! The younger one most likely pulled a muscle  during a sprint while the older person might have arthritis or a war injury...that's another language....!
All my life I've had animals around me, they not only speak their own language but do dialects as well...( I have a highly respect for vets).

 As a therapist it comes in handy when you can tell what's wrong just by observing. Yeah, brown finger tops tell me you smoke, so does a cracky low throat voice. A big nose and open pores tell something about alcohol habits, the color of the skin says a lot about your health.  Red eyes?? You probably smoked a joint..!!  Some info however is camouflaged and give false signals. The natural body smell, (sweat, breath and hormones) are washed away, shampoo's, aftershaves, toothpastes and deodorants spread a confusing aroma instead and mask any illness or malfunction that comes with the scent. Ever noticed what animals do when they meet...?? They use their nose..............!!! And they go for the butt first....There must be a lot of info coming from that place.

Actors can fool you, without saying a word.....it's not for real but you believe them...!
I think many 'emoticons' or so called smiles were invented by Charly Chaplin.

  He could tell a story without soundtrack. That's an art. 
Nothing new so far. Now what if I tell you that each emotion has its own adrenaline like endorfine, I'm sure they all have a name, (Google for that), but each expression (often even when faked/acted)  releases a hormone that fits the category. That's why a good actor can cry real tears....so more or less  controllable factors.
There's more than expressions and poses, the physical structure of the whole body, especially the head, reveal more than you might think. The form of the scull, the shape of the chin, the size and shape of the ears.......

That's why casting buro's introduced character- and type casting.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Death sentence for using medical marijuana.

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"My name is Peter Davy and I am 51 years old.
I am a Medical Cannabis user and have had cancer for 10 years.
My partner has advanced Multiple Sclerosis and I am her 24-hour caregiver.  She is dying and will die without me.

I have cultivated cannabis for medical purposes and extensively researched the breeding of rare cannabis strains for these specific medical conditions.
On February 15th, 2011 I pleaded guilty in Timaru Court (New Zealand) to cultivation of cannabis and associated charges. The judge told me to expect a prison sentence on March 16th when I go up for sentencing because it is the fifth time I have been convicted
I want to make it clear that I will be going on a hunger strike the moment I am given a prison sentence and I absolutely do not want to be force fed under any circumstances. I will also be refusing all cancer medication. I am 100% committed to continuing with a hunger strike until I am dead.
This is about Medical Marijuana, a police force that continually lies to make themselves look good, and the complete lack of empathy and compassion in our present justice system."

Peter's blog:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Steady Cam.

Everybody knows the small portable video camera's nowadays, very handy, fast and with a great resolution, one could shoot a movie with it....!! It's all digital and ready to view.
How different material we used to see on the film sets in my time, there's the 'fast' trolleys on rail or the high tech positioned camera's on huge cranes like fire trucks...

 (Sometimes just to transport the crew...)

...and the high tech stuff.

But one of the funniest camera's to see  no doubt is the Steady Cam. This outfit  has a construction that fits the cameraman's body, and moves around in
3 D...  and demps moves.........!

But Chickens are the best...:)


 Some older stuff
Early 1930's, it needed 3 rolls to shoot a coloured film.