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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why do I have a painful neck for such a long time..? The cause...!

It's not a virus (flu, meningitis), it's not a cold, but still you have this nasty feeling in your head or your neck. It's different from a migraine..and it's there for quite some time. That's chronic..!
Painkillers like aspirin or paracetamol didn't solve the problem, massage and hot showers didn't cure it either. Even the 'magical' raw onion won't absorb any sick makers. Healthy food, fruits, vit D, pressure points and workouts didn't prevent or stop the inconvenience..not even THC...now what. ??  OK, you know that repetitive heavy labor with your hands will cause a callus layer on it. Or think about a tennis elbow...!

This kinda thing happens with the tendons and sinews of the muscles around the neck.  The structure changes a little and the nerves find an obstruction... they don't like that at all and ring their alarms. Now this the point of no return so to say.. 
The body reacts on these signs and send the soldiers to fight the intruders....!!! So they cause swellings on the ' callus layers' on your skull. This fight is noticed by your ears, they feel the pressure differences. And you have to clear/pop them every moment...This triggers a signal in the brain that shouts: A Cold..!  That explains your fever right...?????
You weren't sick at all, but your body reacted on a 'placebo intruder'.
  The placebo effect occurs when a patient react positively on a pill of which he thinks it's a medicine. And he gets cured...! The body was fooled so to say...

I think this pain in the neck is a 'Placebo effect' as well. The body is being fooled, it thinks there's a disease, so it sends in the troops.....And voila: you are sick. 

This explains why other treatments didn't work either: they couldn't find the intruders....

And why are you sick so often ..?   Like you carry a long lasting head cold or a flu...?

Well, each time your glands react on these signals in the neck, the troops come in to fight this disease, leaving less soldiers to defend against aggressive bacteria (that room around in all healthy body's w/o any harmful effects), but are waiting their chance to attack the weaker body .. The constant stimuli from the 'horny layer' in the neck opens a heaven for all kind of bacteria that normally wouldn't survive in a healthy environment...one after the other. As soon as one  'flu' is gone, another is awaiting the next cycle.

 The grey area behind the ear..the 'horny layer'.

 These signals need a blocker to prevent them from reaching the alarm system in the brain. That'll stop the swellings and nasty feelings. You need to strengthen the neck muscles, a more thorough blood  circulation around the lower scalp will eliminate the irregularities and reset you to normal...:)

 Most tension is built up around the thoracic vertebrae.1 - 5.  (green from the neck down). Pressure point or massage these vertebrae, most people will be able to reach the place themselves. This area can be quite painful and might feel like a black spot after massage, but within 2 to 3 days the pain in the neck should be a lot less....

Acupuncture is an excellent way to stop this vicious circle. All it needs to do is: to stop the pain signals from being send to the brain. I'm not familiar with these acu-points (yet).

 Other tips:
Calibrate your PC screen, 
Use eyeglasses that fits the distance to your PC..!! 
Sit straight up,
Take short breaks to do neck exercises on a regular base to strengthen 
and relax the muscles. 

Have a good shoulder massage.
But first of all: Check on your blood pressure..!!

More on headache/migraine, click here.

Gir:  ''Doc, I have a pain in the neck..!"
Doc: "Yeah, how long..?"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AKIM CAMARA in Concert.

Akim Camara (3)and Andre Rieux. Maastricht The Netherlands.

with the violin. 2005

 .His violin playing starts  after some 3 minutes ..


at age 6.