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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Interaction medicine and alternative healing.

By: Bert E. Spoor de Rave

Be aware when you start an alternative way to healing yourself  and you already use any other medication...  There's a good chance those two are gonna interact, witch means that the combined use of 2 different remedies will react to each other and could weaken or strengthen the effect on the body. Or worse..

That's the first conflict, the second one might be your physician who doesn't want you to stop (or lower) his prescribed medication. It's a decision you have to make yourself... So I'm not pushing you to go and try any alternative way of healing, only advising you what to do when you go for it.

When your body/mind is not feeling well it will send signals to warn you there's something wrong. You might feel not well, get sick, have pain or malfunctions... and you want it to stop. 

A painkiller only is to camouflage the symptoms and is not a cure. You could get worse without feeling it, actually that's what's happening all the time. Unless you treat the cause of the inconvenience at the same time. 

Let's take hypertension for an example. Nine out of ten patients will be given blood pressure reducers to solve the problem..  it should come with health tips to cure it a natural way so you won't need to use the medicine over a longer period. Overweight (often the cause of a high blood) comes with a diet and physical activity advice, same should go for kidney failure, stress or impinged nerves. A diet/workout however is not just counting calories, it also affects your metabolism.

 90 -95 % of hypertension cases are "Idiopathic", (an adjective used primarily in medicine, meaning arising spontaneously or from an obscure or unknown cause....!!!!)

Now what exactly is an alternative way of healing.??  For me Alternative as in Natural represents everything that's not made in pharmaceutical labs and even opposes some of the 'regular' treatments.... 

In this perspective a physical exercise is already an alternative for the Blood Pressure reducers: because a mild workout  lowers the BP as well.  And an enzyme, AMPKthat is created by the workout, is a welcome ingredient in the struggle against Diabetes...!!

And when you add hot peppers to your meal it will decrease the BP too, due to Capsicum. The heat will make you sweat, all your veins expand and the BP drops impressively.  Another 'alternative' to fight hypertension is crunched, raw garlic.. 

Then there's other approaches, like Acupuncture/Acupressure, Shiatsu, Yoga, Meditation, Singing, Colors, Sound, THC/CBD etc...

That's enough ingredients to bring down your BP to acceptable levels without the need of any further medication. In fact, the use of medicines under these circumstances would be an overdose..!! 

During my practice over the last 35 years I've learned the importance of a regular exercise, it will benefit the inner organs and build you new cartilage between the vertebrae, allowing the nerves to do their job without being pinched.. and that might solve many other health problems..

When you have a 'deferred maintenance' , your training should be a lot of stretching and bending to start with. Work on the new discs first before you use any exertion .!! By the time you may call it a workout, within 2 months or so, you will feel the difference.. 

..using BP reducers at this level however might cause dizziness because the medicine will lower your blood at any of your efforts, so much you can't perform any longer..

See sidebar for other health tips.

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