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Sunday, April 4, 2010

When I was in the movies....


 Bert Spoor aka Berto Spoor aka Bert E. Spoor de Rave

(23 credits)

 1990Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection
Delta Force Soldier
Softball Team Member  
 1989Return from the River Kwai
Benford's Soldiers 
 1989Above the War
 1988A Dangerous Life (TV Mini-Series)
Reporter (Press)
Episode #1.2 (1988) ... Reporter (Press)
Episode #1.1 (1988) ... Reporter (Press)
 1987Hamburger Hill
 1987Equalizer 2000
Lawton's Men 
 1986Women of Valor (TV,  Movie)
 1986The Devastator
 1986Opposing Force /Hellcamp
 1986Behind Enemy Lines/Attack Force NAM
Pilot (Medic Helicopter)
 1985Black Fire
Bad Guy
 1985American Ninja
 1985Blood Debts
Bad Guy / Robber 
 1984Missing in Action

                                            Ninja's Force                                          1984
Customer Scuba shop/ Ninja



Stories, pictures, links to clips and 
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 1. Juramentado 1983 or  YouTube 

 2. Ninja's Force 1984 
 3The Firebird Conspiracy 1984

 4. Hellcamp aka Opposing Force (also in Daily Motion)1984 (rel. '86)  

 5. Missing in Action 1984
 6. The Devastator aka The Destroyers aka Kings Ransom 1985
 9. Blooddebts aka Eliminator 1985
 10. Behind Enemy Lines aka Attack Force Nam aka POW the Escape 1986 (Daily Motion)

11. Equalizer 2000 1986
12. SILK 1986
13. Women of Valor 1986  
14. Platoon 1986

16. A Dangerous Life The 4 day Revolution 1987
20Above the war!  aka The B-team 1989 or (1/2 & 2/2 Daily Motion
21. Born on the 4th of July 1988/89  

22. Deathstone aka Demonstone aka Heartstone 1989
23. Deltaforce 2-The Colombian Connection 1989/90 

***  FILMS  ***


1. Juramentado, 1983
  Full movie (click here) 
(2 hrs) with:
 Ramon Revilla, Karim Kiram, Jesse Ramos, Leopoldo Salcedo, Rosemarie Sonora, Tessa Tuazon, Johnnie Wilson, Paul Vance, Steve Rogers, David Light, Robert Marius*, Bert Spoor
Dir: Efren C Pinon
Juramentado, in Philippine history, refers to a male Moro swordsman who attacked and killed targeted Christian police and soldiers, expecting to be killed himself, the martyrdom undertaken as an unorthodox form of personal jihad. Unlike an amok, who commits acts of random violence against Muslims and non-Muslims alike, a juramentado was a dedicated, premeditated, and sometimes highly-skilled killer who prepared himself through a ritual of binding, shaving, and prayer in order to accomplish brazen public religious murder armed only with edged weapons.
Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/juramentado#ixzz3XpfhEksD

2. The Firebird Conspiracy, 1984 
  Full Movie (5/5), with:
 Steve Rogers ( for Bruce Baron ), Jesse Ramos, Joonee Gamboa, Vic Dias, Dick Israël, Willy Williams, Paul Vance, Nick Nicholson*, Pita Wittle, Peter Walker, “crazy” Willy Moralez *, Bert Spoor. Puzon Prod. ,Pio Lee
Dir. June Gaillardo* / Vittorio Romero

The war in Vietnam reaches its bloody climax. Against this background, the superpowers hunt for a secret document on microfilm that, when it got into the wrong hands, could destroy the world. Captain Beck of the US Navy is instructed to bring the South Vietnamese Agent Van Tuyen and his family safely across the border to Thailand. The Pentagon, the White House and the CIA suspected that Van Tuyen, has the documents in his possession...

Part 1/5

part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

Clip: The Execution
(00:45 sec)


3. Hellcamp  
aka Opposing Force, 1984
Tom Skerit, Richard Roundtree, Anthony Zerby, Lisa Eickhorn,
James Gaines, Warren Mclean, Steve RogersHenry Strzalkowski,
Willy Williams , George Cheung, Bill Kipp, Steve Cook, Roy Batiwala
Renato Morado, David Light,  Berto Spoor. eo.
Dir. Eric Karson
Full movie (click here)

The commander of an Air Force camp simulates prisoner-of-war, however conditions for realistic training goes too far, creating all too real torture situations. He prays on the only woman in the experiment.
David, Richard, Bill and me.

4. Missing in Action 1, 1984
 aka 'A matter of Honor',
 Chuck Norris, M. Emmet Walsh, Willie Williams, Erni Ortega *, Bert Spoor. Lance Hool, Ken Metcalfe*,Yoram Globus & Menahem GolanCannon Prod.Dir. Joseph Zito

Full Movie 
MIA 1 (click here)
 Colonel Braddock, who escaped a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp 10 years earlier, returns to Vietnam to find American soldiers listed as missing in action during the Vietnam War.

Chuck and I open this scene.. The grenade jump..(02:50)

Missing in Action 1, Grenade Jump by firebert1

5.  The Devastator aka Kings Ransom aka The Destroyers
  1985 (Final Mission) with: 
Richard Hill, Don Gordon Bell, David Light, Nick Nicholson*, Henry Strzalkowski, Steve Rogers, Bill Kipp, Bert Spoor. 
Premier Production Dir. Cirio Santiago *

Full Movie click here
1hr.18 min

Clip, 'car hunt'..(1.47 min)

Kings Ransom akaThe Destroyers aka The... by bert-e-spoor

6. Blackfire, 1985
 James Gaines, Rom Kristoff, Richard Harrison, David Light,
Tony Carrion*, Bert Spoor
Dir. Teddy Page

Full Movie (1:27:50) 
(02:42 min)

BlackFire 1985, trailer 

7. American Ninja, 1985: 
 Michael Dudikoff, John Fujioka, Tadashi Yamashita, Steve James, Henry Strzalkowski, David LightJames Gaines, Juliet Lee, Eric Hahn, Tony Carrion*,
 Steve Cook, Don Stewart, Berto Spoor
Cannon Prod.
Dir. Sam Firstenberg
 Full Movie..Click here 
(length: 1:31:40 m)

Clip. Training camp
(02:41 min)

AMERICAN NINJA   Training camp by firebert1

8. Blood Depts, 1985: 
 James Gaines, Don Gordon, Willy Williams, Richard Harrison, Mike Monty, Dick Israël, Willie Moralez *, Bert Spoor

Direct: Teddy Page
Full Movie
(1:34:50 min)

Clip, shot by Richard... 
(length 01:59 min)

Blood  Depts, clip  shot by Richard by firebert1


9. Behind Enemy Lines aka Attackforce Nam, 1986
 David Caradine*, Steve James,  Eric Hahn, Bill Kipp, James Gaines, Willie Williams, Henry Strzalkowski, Bert Spoor, Ken Metcalfe*, Cannon Prod.
Dir. Gideon Amir

Full Movie 
(1hr 26min)

Attack Force NAM by crazedigitalmovies

 (Photo's and clips, click here)

10. Equalizer 2000 1986
 with: Robert Patrick,
Richard Norton, Don Gordon Bell, Eric Hahn, Henry Strzalkowski, Nick Nicholson, Vic Diaz, Steve Cook, Willy Moralez*, Bert Spoor.
 Premier Prod.
Dir. Cirio Santiago*

Full Movie, click here


11. SILK 1986:
Cec Verrel, Bill McLaughlin, Don Gordon Bell, David Light,  Joonee Gamboa,
Steve Rogers, Willie Williams, Nick Nicholson, Bent Pederson, 
Eric Hahn, Don Gordon,  Vic Diaz, Bert SpoorHenry Strzalkowski,
Premier Prod.
Dir. Cirio Santiago*
Full Movie 

(01:38 min)
SILK Trailer by firebert1

 12Women of Valor 1986  
Susan Sarandon, Kristy McNichols, Alberta Watson, Eric Hahn, 
Carlos Palacios, Bert Spoor,
Cast. Ken Metcalfe
Dir. Buzz Kuli

13. Platoon 1986,
 Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, Tom Berrenger, Henry Strzalkowski, Francesco Quinn*, Johnny Depp, Raphael Shulz, Nick Nicholson*,
 Eric Hahn, Bert E. Spoor.
 Dir. Oliver Stone

Full Movie  click here
(2 hrs)
The shotgun
(3:14 min)

Platoon - Clip Smokin' weed.. by bert-e-spoor

Deleted sceens..

Platoon - deleted scenes, different ending door  bert-e-spoor

14. Braddock, Missing in Action 3 1987
 1987/88 with:
 Chuck Norris, Roland Harrah lll*, Yehuda Efroni, Ken Metcalfe*, Bert E. Spoor
Cannon Prod. Golan /Globus.
Dir. Aaron Norris
( helicopter crash Naic Cavite, 30 May 1987, 4 dead *) 
also see:
headline Manila news.

Full Movie

(1:44:20 min)

15. A Dangerous life, 1988
aka The 4 Day Revolution
Gary Busey, Joonee Gamboa, Tony Carrion*, Bert Spoor.
Hanna Barbara Prod.
Dir. Robert Markowitz

 Full Movie (2:42:49)


16. Hamburger Hill, full Movie
 Anthony Barille, Maichel Boatman, Don Cheadle, 
Eric Hahn, Bert Spoor,
Dir. John Irvin

  17. Return from the river Kwai, 1989
 Daily Motion 1/2 &2/2,
George Takei, Edward Fox, Nick Tate, Timothy Bottom, 
Chris Penn*, Eric Hahn, Robert Kelley, Bert Spoor.
Dir. Andrew Mc. Laglen


18. Indio 1989  
Full movie.
Brian Dennehey, Marvin Hagler, Francesco Quinn*Kaye Wade, 
Chuck HicksDavid Light, Bert Spoor.
Dir. Anthony Dawson aka Antonio Margheritti

 19. The B-team aka Above the war 1989
Comedy, with:
 Richard Harrison, Romano Kristoff, Mike Monty, Bert Spoor
AD. Henry Strzalkowski,
Dir. Ken Watanabe

  (Daily Motion) )


'Fresh water stream'..?!! (40 sec)

20. Born on the 4th of July  1990
 Willem Dafoe, Tom Cruise ,Tom Berringer, Henry Strzalkowski,
Bert E. Spoor. Ken Metcalfe*,
Dir. Oliver Stone

Full movie, click here.

21. Demonstone 
 aka Heartstone aka Deathstone 1989
 R. Lee ErmeyJan-Michael VincentNancy Everhard,
Eric Hahn, Bert Spoor.
Direct. Andrew Prowse
Full Movie1/10 

part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5,
part 6part 7part 8part 9, part 10

22. Delta force 2, the Columbian Connection 1990
 Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin,George Kennedy, Bert E. Spoor
Eric Hahn, Steve James, Ken Metcalfe*,
Cannon Prod
Dir. Aaron Norris
(2nd helicopter crash ,: 16 may 1989, 5 dead )
Geoff Brewer, Mike Graham, Don Marshall, Gadi Danzig, Jojo Imperiale *
Full Movie (click here)


A training with Chuck  (1m:28sec)

It's a wrap...
Direct Aaron Norris and Joao Fernandes 1st cameraman, 
(whose shoulder I fixed in Missing in Action.)

..and with Chuck.

Interview 1: by Andrew Leavold...
Interview 2: by Mike Haberfelner.


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Don Gordon Bell said...

Here HERE!!

Great that you are posting your film career. You have earned the right to highlight those years that WE worked together in the film business in the Philippines.

I can verify and testify to the years that we worked together. The photos and personal stories certainly are interesting to every fan of cinema.

Take care, my friend.

Don Gordon BELL
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